Quick Start Guide
Sidenav is supported on the student dashboard and "all courses" page. Each page needs to be managed individually.

Step 1: Add the Sidenav Menu section to your page

The SideNav Menu is the main section that controls what links are contained in the Sidenav Menu. It also controls the color scheme that will be used by the other section.
Steps for setting up the Sidenav Menu
  • Open up the Student Dashboard page from within Site Builder for your Thinkific site and add the Sidenav Menu section. This must go first on the page.
  • Open the Sidenav settings and upload your logo
  • Optionally change the color scheme by choosing a preset color scheme or setting a custom one
  • Create your navigation links depending on how you want the side menu to be structured. You can have a flat structure or have groups of links (ex: "subcategories". This side navigation replaces the standard page header that appears on other Thinkific pages.
For a more in depth explanation of the Sidenav Menu click the link below, otherwise head to Step 2

Step 2: Add the Cards section to the page

The Cards section is the section that will display the course cards on the page.
When placing this on the "All Courses" page, the course cards will show all courses that you have published and are not hidden. They will also always link to the course landing page (see the FAQ section for how to handle this if you are using external sales pages for your courses)
When placing the Cards section on the "Student Dashboard" page, the course cards will show all of the courses that the student is enrolled in.
Steps for setting up the Course Cards section
  • Add the Sidenav Cards section to your student dashboard, make sure to place this after the Sidenav Menu section. There should also only be one Course Cards section on the page
  • Choose the card style that you wish to use
  • Optionally change the default text that is used for the headings and course status text displayed in this section
For a more in depth explanation of the Sidenav Course Cards click the link below, otherwise head to Step 3

Step 3 (Optional): Add video and banner features

Sidenav comes with super powers that enable you to feature content or call special attention to something important. This is especially useful for memberships where you may be adding new content regularly or you may also want to provide a "video tour" of your member area to make sure your students don't get stuck.
There are a few ways you can do this:
  • In the Sidenav Menu section there is a Sidebar Video setting group. This is a special section on the Sidenav menu that can be used for a popup video, which would be a great spot to add that "video tour" of your member area
  • There is also another section called Banner (Slider). When you add this to the page, you can create a sliding banner at the top of the page for announcements or featured content.